Friday, 9 January 2015

Sue Marsh - Suey2y Screws Over Disabled People

As the header says, WOW campaigner Sue Marsh/Suey2y has accepted a job offer by disability deniers Maximus.

I distinctly remember Marsh and her online buddies savaging Simon Stevens for admitting he worked for Atos, but now she excuses herself for accepting £60,000 a year bride by Maximus by saying "I hope I can make a difference, and I'm confident that if I can't, then no-one could have", which is similar to the excuse Simon Stevens used. It's bullshit basically.

Marsh has always been money orientated, she just got brought and owned by Maximus, but here's the kicker for her faithful (stupidly naïve) followers and defenders, the laptop they donated money for has been used to get her nose in the trough. Remember she applied for the job they didn't give it to her, and that application will have been done on the laptop she conned her followers into paying for! Stunning way to rub peoples noses in the sh*t.

No self respecting disability/carer campaigner would work for Maximus (Atos by another name), but Sue decided she would, why? 60,000 reasons why and they all carry a pound sign on them. She sold out, she is brought and owned by Maximus and the government now.

But still her gullible naïve sheep think she is fighting for them, dear God may these fools see the error of their ways, and when you read some of the comments on her blog such as -

"A staggering about face. I see you're already using their language about there being 'too many in the Support Group' who would 'like to work'"

"Can't imagine what the salary will be for joining the enemy."

"I am not comfortable with your view that there are many people in the Support Group who "want to work". I really doubt that, frankly"

"I think that you are being naive in the extreme if you think that this job will benefit any of your new "customers"

Volte-face.... sad :(

perhaps Sue may even join the tories policy unit with White Dee

and the last one says it all

"You've joined the enemy, now. Enjoy your retirement from activism. You sold your soul and good name for a pot of gold. What were you thinking? God only knows."

I've always said that you don't work with your enemies and Sue Marsh/Suey2y has proved me right in a way I could not have predicted.

Shame on you Marsh, you are disgusting, but enjoy the money because your reputation has just gone down the crapper